Ns Team Uno

UNO – Genesis of a Team

Walking up to the front doors of the new NOW! Theater*, I had several thoughts running through my mind. Who are these 5 other people going to be? Will I know them? Will they think I’m funny? Wait, do I think I’m funny? I hate people who say they are funny.

Cut to 10 min later, Annie and Levin (our co-coaches) are having us all dance around the theater to crazy club music and telling us to acknowledge the uncomfortableness, and to let it go.

4 weeks have now past. We have a team name, UNO, and we are working on a new form. A form that we have actually grasped on to pretty quickly! The form is called “Touchstone” and while easy enough to understand (after a few run throughs) it will be difficult to master. Which is a good thing. Why do something that’s easy to master? Cough…Frisbee Golf…Cough.

Touchstone to me is like watching a story being written and re-written right before your eyes. It starts off with a 2 person source scene, then we get to see more scenes that live in that world. After that world is explored we cut back to the source scene (played by 2 different improvisers) and it is replayed again as close to first time as possible. Inevitably things will change and the story is rewritten, thus creating a whole new world to explore! We then go back (once again) to the source scene and do it all over again! I know right? Maybe all the worlds will collide, maybe not, maybe our heads will explode and the front row will get covered in improviser brains like some weird Gallagher show! What? You don’t know who Gallagher is? He’s just this old comic that used to smash watermelons during his stand-up routine…oh and he’s super racist. We aren’t….I promise!

Being on this journey with this awesome cast and coaches, has been one of the best Improv experiences I’ve had. There is so much to learn, but the best way to learn is to do! So here we go… a new form, with a new cast, at a new theater*. Deep breath in…now let it out.



All this month UNO will be putting on our Improv shoes and performing “Touchstone” at the NOW! Theater* for the entire month of October at 8PM. We will be performing with Red Door and P&B. A great night of shows with performers in all stages of their careers. Its going to be an awesome month!

*Retail store that holds special events.