Now Philosophy

Now Philosophy

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. – Woody Allen

Your life has no script, and yet much of the pain and frustrations of our days comes from the struggle to apply structure – giving us a false sense of control. Most of our visualizations are negative and based in fear.

We worry that we will be late, we imagine arguments with meter maids, and even more, we cling to these imagined events, even the positive ones, and are thrown when they don’t go the way that we had pictured. But if we can strive to remain present and flexible these symptoms will evaporate.

While simple in concept, it takes practice to create these new habits. Just as athletes must repeat and repeat drills so that sound technique becomes a part of their unconscious muscle memory, so to must professional improvisers. We need a safe place to practice and train ourselves to make better decisions. We need a gym for our spirits. The improv classroom is this space. It is a safe, supportive and ideal place to practice, stumble and laugh along the way. And the adjustments we make there will naturally begin to manifest themselves in our daily lives making the improv classroom less a performance training ground and more a dojo for living better.

Our Story

In July of 2005, as strangers, we both auditioned at iO West to be placed on a Harold team. And, as fate would have it, we were placed on the same team, The Jungle, and became fast friends. Improv gave us a shelter. It gave us a space to be together and grow a friendship. We immediately had chemistry, but convinced ourselves that it was limited to the stage.And that is how it was for years. Two best friends, working hard and challenging each other to get better and grow as performers and teachers of this craft. We toured the country. We laughed a lot. We made plans for all the things we wanted to do together in the future and still we ignored the elephant in the room. It was easiest for us both to cling hard to the idea that we were just improv kindred sprits and nothing more. But you can only do so many hundreds of scenes as a couple before eventually you start to wonder why.Improv has been good to us.Perhaps that’s why it is so important for us to share it. It has guided our heeling from deep sadness and loss. It has encouraged us to take risks and follow our hearts. By employing the principles of good stage work in our daily lives we have each been transformed in our own ways. Above all it has brought us together and we believe it can do the same for you.

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