The right art is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and further the other will recede. – Zen in the Art of Archery

We believe that improv is for everyone so we have designed our classes and workshops to meet your specifics needs. So whether you are a veteran performer or just looking to have fun we have the class for you. Scroll down and find the right one for you!


Heightening w/ Zach Huddleston

Heightening w/ Zach Huddleston

I’ve been obsessed with heightening in my coaching and teaching lately and it seems to be the difference between interesting scenes and hilarious scenes. I’d want to explore all the different ways we can wring maximum laughter from scenes by keeping a singular focus on heightening emotions, stakes, and character. Real robot-brain stuff that might be good for people that can tap into character and relationship well but are struggling to GET DEM LAUGHS.

Next Session: July 6, 13, 20 & 27 (Mondays) *7p-10p *4 Weeks *$100

Zach Huddleston

NEW EARTH ARMY: Last Call for 2015 – SOLD OUT

NEW EARTH ARMY: Last Call for 2015

SOLD OUT – Waitlist ONLY

This class is about YOU! We design the curriculum of every New Earth Army class to meet our students specific needs, so two classes are ever the same.
Improv is the art of being you, better. To improve you must increase your awareness of who you are and how you became that person. Then you can truly start to make decisions from a place of strength and not just default into your habitual choices out of fear. Our task as improvisers is to strive to be the best version of ourselves. And if you want to grow as a performer on stage, you must be willing to adjust and expand off stage. In this 6-week workshop we will give you the tools to unlock your true potential through healthy everyday practices in presence, self-assessment exercises, facing your fears and true impulse play. Let go and embrace the real you… be all you can be!

*First class and Last class will be 11-3pm.
*You must be able to attend 1st & 2nd class to register.
*This will be the last NEA class of the year – 8 student limit.
Next Session: July 25th (Saturdays) *11a-2p *8 Weeks *$295 – Patment plans available

Annie & Levin O’Connor

MIND READER – The Art of Hyper Listening

IND READER - The Art of Hyper Listening

We are mind readers. Our natural talent at intuition helps us threw life in all sorts of settings. We analyze the smallest of details in a flash from emotional cues to body language to inflection to the specificity of the words used. We make snap decisions about people based on these things quickly and without a filter. On stage, however, we often ignore these natural skills and instead focus on the broad strokes of a scene, looking for premise and laughs. Spend 6 weeks slowing down and getting into the minutiae, the smallest details of the moment and let that help you find the best and most unique scenes possible without having to invent it.

Next Session: July 26th (Sundays) *2p-5p *6 Weeks *$210 ($180 for repeats) *8 person limit

Annie O’Connor (Her Last Class of 2015!)

SOME NEXT LEVEL SHIT – Scenework for the Well Educated

SOME NEXT LEVEL SHIT - Scenework for the Well Educated

Learning how to improvise isn’t just taking all the levels from any one school, it’s transcending those lessons and developing your own voice and style using the parts you have learned. This class is about taking your current skills to the next level by finding what works for you and what doesn’t. The curriculum of this class will be specifically built and developed around the people who register. Stop doing it “right” and start bringing your own voice to your scene work! LEVEL UP!

Next Session: July 30th (Thursdays) *7p-10p *6 Weeks *$210

Levin O’Connor